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CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on China Spied on the African Union
This story from admits the truth about for five years, China continued to monitor all electronic communications from the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Chinese espionage continued during this period until some network administrators at the African Union headquarters were discovered in January 2017.
This is based on a survey conducted by Le Monde that revealed how Chinese donated and built a new AU headquarters in Addis Ababa equipped the building with a hidden microphone and exported data overnight from the Australian Data Center Transfer to their data center Shanghai server.
In January 2012, a new headquarters in Addis Ababa was built and equipped by the Chinese government. The 200-million-dollar 20-story building and other buildings in the compound are what the Chinese government calls “China’s gift to Africa.” However, it will be revealed later that it is a gift that will continue to be donated.
Almost five years later, following the opening of the new headquarters in January 2017, it was revealed that the AU headquarters IT team found that their network was transmitting unusually large amounts of traffic after midnight each day. As Le Monder reported, this is a time when AU headquarters is empty and there is not much (if any) activity on their network. After further investigation by the network administrator, it is clear that large amounts of data from the AU data center servers are sent to unknown servers in Shanghai every night. This apparently also includes voice data recorded from microphones hidden in buildings completely installed by Chinese.
According to the AU, since the project was discovered in January 2017, they have replaced all the servers and ICT equipment donated by China at Union headquarters and obtained their own servers. Even more surprising is that according to the African Union’s reply to the “Le Monde”, China seems to propose to allocate equipment, which is a request rejected by the AU.
The AU also said it has taken additional steps to ensure the security of its communications, including encrypted communications, and to ensure that all AU officials’ telephone lines do not pass Ethiopian Ethio Telecom, a company known to need to close when regulatory and co-operation needs authorities The country’s internet.
On the other hand, the Chinese denied any espionage charges. Kuang Weilin, China’s ambassador to the AU, called these “allegations” “absurd.”
This revelation raises several questions, one of which is very important, and for the AU: Five years from now, how can your entire IT team find only so much data transfer per night?
More attention is paid to the apparently infrequent or infrequent security checks in the buildings that occasionally house the Afrika leaders to ensure communications security and/or the absence of hidden audio equipment. Perhaps, finally, Afrika will “despise free lunches.”
For a period of 5 years, China continued to spy on all electronic communications at the African Union’s headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Chinese spy operation continued throughout this period without being detected until some network administrators at the AU’s headquarters discovered it in January 2017. This is according to an investigation conducted by Le Monde which has gone on to reveal how the Chinese, who donated and built the new AU headquarters in Adis Ababa, fitted the building with hidden microphones and transferred data every night from the AU’s data center to their servers in Shanghai. In January 2012, the This story continues at The Next Web Engaging post, Read More…
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