Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

How may I participate in the conversation?
The blog is open to the public for commenting. Comments are moderated according to our comment policy. The views expressed in comments do not necessarily reflect the official views of  Any Agency or the federal government.

Why do you ask for my name, organization, and email address when I leave a comment? How do you protect my privacy?

Providing your name, organization, or email address is optional. We ask for your name and organization to make it is easier to carry on a conversation and to provide context for your comment, so we will publish this information along with your comment. If you choose to include your organization, please use the format “Name (Organization)” [e.g., “John Smith (OMB)”].

We ask for your email address so that we may contact you if necessary. We will not publish your email address. 

To protect yourself, please don’t include information that identifies your contact information in the body of your comment, such as email addresses or phone numbers. We don’t edit comments, so we won’t be able to publish comments containing such information.

Beyond the issues above, we treat privacy issues associated with this discussion forum under our privacy policy provided on an example Government’s main Web site.

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