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CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Ransomware Remedy:
What is most likely to be an overlooked story from explores revealing six listed Ransomware remedies to protect our computers and prevent ransomware from affecting them.
Always keep a backup We all save important data on our computer, whether it is our document or movie collection. What if the data is lost or the drive is damaged? Or in the worst case, your system can not be reached due to ransomware attacks. To avoid all situations, it is advisable to back up all important data. You can back up on the cloud or you can store the data on an external drive. Cloud backup over other backup methods, because you can access data anytime, anywhere. However, keeping it external drives also has its benefits. So, if you run into any trouble, you will always have all the data.

Suspicious emails, websites, and applications

It is said that it is good to always be cautious. Hackers try to trick people by sending e-mail links or redirecting to malicious Web sites. The usual practice is through phishing mail, malicious advertising and so on. Whenever you click on the suspicious link, it will download the malware to your computer. Once the software installation is complete, it will start the attack and encrypt your files.
Therefore, it is recommended that you do not open unsolicited e-mail or problematic links to avoid such attacks. In addition, you should download the application on your computer from the official website. You should download and install the program after reading its comments.
Use Ransomware protection tool
It is always advisable to obtain ransomware protection tools for your computer. Security software acts as a barrier between your computer and the outside world. It does not allow any ransomware or other malware to be downloaded from your computer. In addition, it helps to indicate if there is any malicious content on your computer.
The software can scan the file to check whether the downloaded file is safe. It also blocks unwanted and hidden installations of malicious ads when you’re on the web. It can scan and determine if your computer is infected.
Always install the update
Operating system manufacturers often post software update fix bugs and other vulnerabilities that hackers can use to trick users. It is always recommended to install updates when publishing updates. The same thing applies to software installations on your computer, be sure to install updates for them immediately after they are released.
Secure network configuration
Network devices (such as routers, switches, and other wireless access points) are used in your organization. Suggest that they should use the updated firmware for proper configuration. This helps you when attacked. It is recommended that you create an optimized network for your virtual LAN (VLAN) and that you should process the data this way in order to transfer the data correctly. The security advantage of VLANs is the systematic isolation of malicious traffic to avoid spreading the infection to other devices. This is useful when the administrator has to deal with infected hosts.
Never pay ransom
If you fall into the trap of cybercriminals and they ask you to pay a ransom, do not do that. We do not recommend paying ransom to hackers because you never know if your documents will be recovered after payment. Disconnecting a computer from the network may seem convenient, but not a good idea as it increases the risk of data loss. There are other solutions to this problem – you can get the program to decrypt the file. However, you can easily recover if you have a data backup.
So these are some of the ways you can effectively stop ransomware from affecting your computer.
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Useful guest piece by Apoorv Bhatnagar, a SEO analyst from Systweak Software, giving advice on how to protect your files. Ransomware is a popular amongst criminals used to extort a user by keeping your data hostage and asking for ransom. Lately, the world has witnessed a couple of such attacks. It seems that escaping the malware attacks is almost impossible. But it is always wise to take safety measures to protect your computers from such attacks. In this post, we have listed some of the ways to keep our computer protected and stop the ransomware from affecting it. Engaging post, Read More…
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