Innovative methods to increase participation, obtain ideas and increase collaboration.

 Ways to Encouragement and Enticement to Change Behavior with Management encouragement JAM Session with food and fun Events, Contest, Polls RSS feed to inform new information or comment on their watch or interest page, Tutorial, Pilot wiki and blog for practice, Personnel Action Incentives *...
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Promote cooperation with other agencies, the public, non-profit organizations and private entities.

 First, if your Agency is a leader in Web 2.0 applications, you could promote cooperation with other federal agencies and other organizations to provide best practices, policies, procedures and a framework for open collaboration internally and with the public.  If other organizations work within our...
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Evolution of Manager’s Future Role with Open Government Collaborative Culture

With the explosion of information, and flattening technologies and organization, starting with e-mail, I think that a future agency’s Manager needs to focus more on the platform that enables collaboration, because and find themselves employees already have all the data. They have access to everything...
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