Collaboration, transparency

 Ways to Encouragement and Enticement to Change Behavior with Management encouragement

  1. JAM Session with food and fun Events,
  2. Contest,
  3. Polls
  4. RSS feed to inform new information or comment on their watch or interest page,
  5. Tutorial, Pilot wiki and blog for practice,
  6. Personnel Action Incentives

* Add communicative and collaborative duties to employees PARS

* Reward with Awards similar to Suzanne E. Olive Award for Exemplary Leadership in National EEO – Non-Managerial for diversity. We should add another award for individual collaborator facilitator and Monthly Office award to individuals for best collaborator

As I mention earlier that coaching, training, explaining, and leading by example would be appropriate and beneficial activities. But what about measuring? It’s a technical no-brainer to measure how much each individual has contributed and to generate some kind of absolute or relative metric. 

  • Encourage friendly competition. Lots of people are fiercely proud of their PageRanks, TopCoder ratings, number of Wikipedia edits, etc. and work to keep them high only to preserve bragging rights. 
  • Make people strive to improve their scores. I know I’ve been inordinately proud of my Technorati ranking, even though it has no direct bearing on my professional success. The desire to maintain it has definitely driven me to keep blogging regularly.
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