Collaboration, transparency

 First, if your Agency is a leader in Web 2.0 applications, you could promote cooperation with other federal agencies and other organizations to provide best practices, policies, procedures and a framework for open collaboration internally and with the public.  If other organizations work within our framework we could (in theory) loosely coupled with their application, such as wiki to interlink with their knowledge base that would enrich the collaboration between organizations to discover and access information. Horizontal business processes such as financial management, HR and procurement are subject to increased sharing across agencies and even jurisdictions. This means that government organizations no longer own or control them. Instead they are becoming clients to other organizations leading and ripe on increased adoption of social media. In addition, government IT infrastructure is subject to consolidation efforts and will be progressively commoditized and challenged by cloud-computing solutions.

Second, The “Federal Open Community” should be develop on the virtual cloud of next-gen open social tools  that could share internal blogs, gadgets/widgets, social networks, wiki,  with common login, profile and contact info with Federal open social tools: any  OpenSocial, Open Ajax API partners portal would be considered part of the “Federal Open Community Social Cloud”.  Once the infrastructure has been developed, information sharing, collaboration and joint projects and efforts may be better facilitated to build a one true One Government, thus meeting the president’s priority.

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