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CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on IoT Botnet Bypasses Firewall
Today I came across this story from that looks to Security researchers that have discovered a new type of IoT botnet bypass firewall known as DoubleDoor, which can bypass firewalls and modem security using two backdoor vulnerabilities.
IoT devices remain the privileged target of cybercriminals and cyber attackers targeting so-called smart objects have seen rapid growth. Security researchers at NewSky Security (NewSky Security) have uncovered a new IoT botnet called DoubleDoor that can bypass firewalls and modem security with two backdoor vulnerabilities.
The analysis of honeypot logs enabled researchers to detect new threats, using two known backdoor vulnerabilities to manage two levels of authentication.
The first malicious code was a Juniper SmartScreen OS Vulnerability that triggered the CVE-2015-7755 vulnerability to bypass firewall certification.
CVE-2015-7755 Hard-coded backdoors affect Juniper Networks ScreenOS software, which provides support for its Netscreen firewall.
“Essentially, the Netscreen firewall’s telnet and SSH daemons can be accessed with any user name, using the hard-coded password

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