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CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary LockerR:
A must-read story from mentions a hidden ransomware is the most cunning and frustrating malware that flows on the Internet. These programs lock your files by encrypting and threatening to delete them unless you pay for a ransom of encrypted currency. Victims cannot stop the attack, so many people just pay for it. Now, cunning crooks by more cunning online criminals are crooks. Ransomware payments are being diverted through man-in-the-middle attacks, which is an improper justice. However, it will not do anything good for the victims of the original ransomware.
Security company Proofpoint discovered a new attack on ransomware cybercriminals and noticed a warning posted called LockerR ransomware payment portal. The service runs on the Tor network, a cobweb of encrypted nodes around the world, that routes traffic anonymously and hosts hidden services. This is where many scammers operate compared to the open internet because of the relative safety. The problem is that most Ransomware victims do not know how to access Tor. As a result, the liar directs them to the Tor agent that can load the Tor service in a standard browser. This is where ransonmare cybercriminals are cheated.
According to a notice posted on LockerR, the Tor agent has begun redirecting Bitcoin ransomware manufacturer payment to another address. It simply replaces the original Bitcoin wallet address with the one owned by the agency operator. The payment website encourages victims to use the Tor browser to connect directly to LockerR to ensure that bitcoins arrive at the correct address. To date, hijacked bitcoin worth about $ 22,000 has been “stolen” by ransomware cybercriminals trick innocent computer users.
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Ransomware payments are being diverted via a man-in-the-middle attack, which is some sort of perverse justice. Still, it won’t do the original ransomware victims any good. Engaging post, Read More…
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