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CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Twitter Accounts Impersonating:
What is most likely to be an overlooked story from announces things we don’t talk about but to steal money from innocent people, scammers have started using various Twitter accounts to simulate large companies and numbers in the cryptocurrency world.
For example, on January 30, Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, sent a response to Twitter whose Twitter certificate is @SatoshiLite and is named “Charlie Lee (LTC)” and is almost the same Handle, @ SatoshiLitev (of course, this handle is not validated). This reply solicited contributions and contained a promise that Lee would donate ten times the amount they donated:
“I’m donating 240 Litecoin to the LTC community. The 0.4 LTC for the first 60 trades is sent to the following address. Each LTC receives an LTC of 4 LTCs at its address of 0.4 LTC. LdJsGa9NLzL7QkkLzEkMsn94UodEfZKLUz Claim your LTC now!
Of course, @StaoshiLitev is not Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, and the donation promise is a scam. At this point, over 11.5 Litecoin (I wrote this article about $ 1,600 in value) has been sent to the address of a crook – all of which have been sent by crooks to another address. For some reason, Twitter has not deleted the post, so there may be more people will continue to plunder the scream.
Similarly, fake cryptocurrencies Ripple (with verified account @Ripple) and Ripple founder Brad Garlinghouse (using a verified account @ bgarlinghouse) and cryptocurrency Ethereum (verified account @ethereumproject) and its founder Vitalik Buterin (Verified Account @VitalikButerin).
Remedy: So here are some guidelines to help you stay safe from Twitter Accounts Impersonation:
Do not simply ask for any tweet request, send you any address of any type of cryptocurrency. Instead, just like the phishing attacks that I’m talking about in Cryptocurrencies, be sure to check your address and the reason for making a payment through any questions related to cryptocurrencies by connecting them to the official website The addresses of addresses and promotions are allegedly issued by Twitter and are listed in any previous correspondence from that party. You should also verify the address and offer by contacting the parties at a known, valid contact address or phone number. If anything does not match exactly, or seems “closed,” be cautious or do not continue. Also, given that most major cryptographic electronic money publishers and data have validated Twitter accounts – so if you find that a major cryptocurrency issuer or celebrity email was created from an unverified account, please Look again at the handling of the account and, by the fact, you are visiting tweets made from a valid Twitter account.
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